Multi -drug synergism

Our research one of most perspective way to create such medicines based on the synergy already registered and studied drugs in admixture with one another: in this case we can obtain new classes of drugs that are effective for other destinations, using the multicomponent system. The need to create such mixtures due to rapid adaptation to individual chemical compounds from both viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and due to the presence of “sliding effect” during aging (concerns antihypertensives). For comparison, in modern pharmacology rare to find drugs that contain more than five different active substances. Typically, two or more-component formulations is antihypertensives, antivirals, antibiotics, anti-cancer agents and at times.

Developed by our team directions already given concrete results: produced veterinary dynamic antiviral drug with wide action spectrum; successfully applied in practice battlefield hemostatic powder “Gemma”, and the newly developed kvasi-living dry implant can radically change the catheterization practice in surgery. Research continues dynamic anti-cancer drug, synergistic kvasi-living antibiotics,
antiatherosclerotic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, medicines for Alzheimer’s disease treatment and for multiple sclerosis, diabetes; also work is underway for the diagnostics creation of cancer, atherosclerosis, pain medications.